Unix Package Deal

Size: 133, 137, 141

• The latest Unix  delivers all the speed, pop, and control you would expect . Why mess with a good thing? • Unique flex lay-up that helps retain snap and pop over time • Four reinforced moulded in fins: Substantial ABS reinforcement added to the moulded in fins, making them grind proof. Super strong, grind ready, they also help improve the boardís grip in the water and provide stability when landing • 2.6/2.7/2.8î Explosive and fast J star Rocker: Our secret recipe for speed, balance, and pop • J star stamp of approval

Lidberg Bindings

Size: 6/7, 8. 9, 10, 11, 12/13

• Lidbergís light-weight mobility machine allows the most movement and best overall support in our line • Improved jacketed laces and friction free eyelets • Lidbergís light-weight bindings provide the most movement and best overall support in the Jstar line • With a medium density thinned inner liner for comfort and support and without the added stiffness of an inner tongue, they allow great movement and mobility in a super comfy shell • Articulation across the instep adds even more flexibility and comfort • Lightest and strongest base plate to date with a new tri-density support areas